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This award-winning competition entry aims to generate a true acropolis of competitiveness in the form of a sports city and a sports citadel.
The project aims to be a global reference to practice, study, and celebrate multiple disciplines of sports. Prior to a training facility, it is a space to live. It is a space to materialize the dream of harmony, overcoming limits, and pursuit of excellence, in which the sports practice is grounded.​

Italy’s powerful and dynamic landscape has played an important role in shaping the country’s history and culture; where mountains are considered a metaphor for challenges and obstacles. The proposal explores the idea of working with the natural landscapes and large earthworks to create mountains for the main arena to be nestled in between them as the main sporting temple; ‘Theatre for sports in the Mountains’ for the region of Turin. 

All supporting infrastructure (areas used on a daily basis by visitors and athletes) are at ground level while sporting buildings/stadiums are placed higher up in the hills.   

At the city-level, the project is of significance. By means of excavations, the natural bedrock of the earth is exposed to form natural pools and hot water springs for community engagement with people from the neighboring areas. Strategically placed courtyards (inspired from the fabric of Turin) act as breakout points in the form of the play area at the local block scale as well as the neighboring areas adjacent to the site. Thus the notion of 'play' is truly integrated at the city level, block-level, and individual building scale. 


Urban Planning


1400 Acres


Turin, Italy

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