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I believe authenticity is key to my work and seeking truth in every project is the foundation in creating authentic designs. Setting an honest project brief for myself and the client, creating the right narrative that gives the project a vision, developing an architectural concept that captures the soul of the project, and setting the right material palette that responds to the climate, environment, and the site... there is a constant search.   

A story isn't just about introducing characters or elements to merely resolve design challenges. A great story is about delivering an exhilarating experience while enjoying every process of crafting it.  The journey to create is about taking tiny pieces of an enormous puzzle and putting them together so that the others can see a seamless story they couldn't even imagine! 

Yes, I make use of architecture as a discovery tool, heavily relying on a holistic analysis and intuitive understanding of the space and the landscape. My visualizations have to explore an authentic story that invokes certain emotions. 

Therefore, this roadmap helps create inspiration and can build a timeless impression in the user's minds.


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