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Designed to make time, and worries of the world, melt away, this upcoming bungalow is located a stone's throw away from the beach, at one of Mumbai's prime sea facing properties. 

The contemporary home is designed to create an instant visual impact with its natural stone finish. Not only does stone offer an authentic quality of depth by connecting the architecture to the surrounding landscape but also it's robust and durable nature makes it more resistant to the weather conditions.

The home follows a rectilinear-bar scheme running in the North-South direction allowing maximum frontage towards the seaside on the West. The structure is split to align all the services and utilities on the Eastern side of the structure and all habitable and public spaces on the Western side. This strategy allows our clients to take complete advantage of the picturesque sunsets and unending sea.

Inspired by the free-flowing nature of water, the main level of the house has an open-plan strategy where the living area, dining area, a sun-deck, and an open to sky terrace are all curated and designed as one seamless space.
The sprawling sun deck area is equipped with a retractable pergola (skylight) allowing maximum natural light creating a warm space apt for leisurely activities. One can relax, read a book, or sip a glass of wine on the deck marveling at the sea while remaining constantly connected with the sky at all times in a thermally-insulated space.

This luxurious home features a double-height lounge area, perfect for entertaining guests and a beautifully cloistered garden on the ground level.

The outward looking home tied with the spectacular location truly captures the serenity, muffling the cacophonous sounds of the city by bringing nature in!


Private Residence


8000 sqft



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