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Zootopia 21' : Niti Aayog, Govt. of India

Taking inspiration from Reptile skin, our proposal 'Chameleon’ explores the possibilities of creating a highly adaptive, tactile, intuitive, and user-friendly interface; exhibition panels for the information center at the heritage building at the Chamarajendra zoological gardens. The information center is designed to allow a seamless flow of information and a dynamic and holistic experience for people of all age groups. The planning, circulation, and interface aid the visually and physically impaired to experience the information center in its totality.

Made from recycled plastic, the DNA of the skin are modular panels that collectively perform as a scalable, adaptive, and highly intelligent skin for the visitors to engage with. In certain sections of the exhibit area, the panels are Clad with LED flex films. With the help of sensor tiles the panels are programmed to be scalable depending on the number of viewers. For example, fewer viewers will activate fewer pixels keeping the screen size small. A larger crowd would activate more panels to form a larger display screen. In addition to this, there are projectors, Holographic pyramids, AR fans and LED screens that can be installed in strategic locations, utilizing the skin as a canvas and/or a backdrop to showcase relevant content. Just like a chameleon's skin the display panels are color coded and coordinated with the content being displayed. Topics include Biodiversity in wildlife and ecosystem, Wildlife conservation, Animal welfare, Zoo history & conservation and Animal psychology + behavior. To make the experience truly tactile, we have proposed pressure tiles and press-panels that activate content on display. Further, all signages, maps and other information is also provided in Braille and are bilingual.


Information Interface


40000 sqft


Mysore, Karnataka

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