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A space of 1000 sq ft nestled in Malabar Hill, one of South Mumbai’s posh neighborhoods, is now radically transformed into a statement home. We collaborated with ALT SPACE and had an opportunity to conceptualize and create a home away from home for their NRI client by creating a space to host intimate gatherings where guests are transported to a realm of mystery, poetry, and emotions, similarly witnessed at an art gallery. The vision was to create a visually stunning and luxurious apartment.


The newly designed home showcases a collection of bespoke objects; artifacts sourced from various parts of the world, eclectic lights, and furnishings. Architectural elements like the doors are not merely functional components but are also designed as objects. These objects are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and an underlying spirit of experimentation to make a bold statement. Inspiration for designing these objects ranges from rare rocks, minerals, modernist paintings, exotic stones, and an array of textures.  




1000 sqft

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