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Building a home in Rajasthan is an architect's dream. Known for its medieval forts, opulent palaces, kaleidoscopic festivals, and a burst of colors, Rajasthan is breathtaking.


We jumped on the opportunity to work with an Ahmedabad based family that has its roots in a modest town in Rajasthan and wanted to build a winter home. The goal of this project was to provide a home that is climate-responsive, easy to maintain, and responds to the traditional and cultural setting it is located in.

In order to keep the house warm in the winter, there are 2 courtyards or voids that are carved from the footprint of the house. Along the southern side, a semi open verandah allows for a transition space from the street side into the house. This allows the owner to be part of the local community while being inside his home.  


Private Residence


3,000 sqft plot

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