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Taking inspiration from the spiral of the universe, the bamboo pavilion originates from a point moving outwards. Rotational forces allow the structure to rise from the ground upwards and develop in a radial motion.

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The two structures have varying resolution to their skin. Alternating the entry points between them help filter out the noise and chaos from the site; from an external urban environment into an interim space and eventually in the sacred chamber

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 26/11 MEMORIAL  

The 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai may have shaken the city but not it's spirit. This award-winning international competition entry seeks inspiration from the spiral of the Universe and proposes a temporary space for introspection; for people to seek comfort and pay homage to the countrymen martyred during these fateful events. 

We decided to use Bamboo, a material known for its resilience, strength, and adaptability as a reflection of the unbroken spirit of Mumbaikars. 


Public Art 


40000 sqft


Gateway of India, Mumbai

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