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Building a home in Rajasthan is an architect's dream. Known for its medieval forts, opulent palaces, kaleidoscopic festivals, and a burst of colors, Rajasthan is breathtaking.


We jumped on the opportunity to work with a Mumbai based family that has its roots in a modest town in Rajasthan and wanted to build a second home. The goal of this project was to provide a home that is climate-responsive, easy to maintain, and responds to the traditional and cultural setting it is located in.


Two vaulted rectangular volumes intersect each other to form an L-shape structure thereby creating an open to sky multi-utility congregation space out front keeping in line with the traditional values of 'family time.' 

The shape of the roof helps reflect the harsh sunlight, reducing solar gains. We incorporated the classical 'Jali 'work to allow enough natural light to penetrate the house. The jali also helps in lowering the temperature by compressing the air through the holes. Furthermore, by sinking the structure partially below the ground, the earth offers natural protection and insulation from the harsh climate.

Thus making this a haven for desert dwelling.



(Holiday Home)


5,000 sqft (Aprox.)


Rani, Rajasthan

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